The Eco-friendly Way to Dispose Your Old or Scrap Truck in Adelaide

Cash For Trucks Adelaide
Trucks are heavy vehicles that consume a lot of fuel and excrete a lot of harmful chemicals into the air. This excretion of harmful fumes increases when your truck becomes old and worn out. Once that happens, chances are that it would cost you more to keep the truck running, with regular fix-ups and repairs, than the value of the vehicle. In such instances, the better decision is not to let it go to the landfill but sell it to us at Cash 4 Cars. We are vehicle buyers that pay Top Cash for Trucks in Adelaide, no matter what make or condition it is in.

Our Eco-friendly Truck Recycling Adelaide

Here’s a breakdown of our Eco-friendly Truck Recycling process. The truck is stripped of all its worth. We recycle all the scrap metals including steel, aluminium and other metals. This has a huge impact on the environment as it saves up to 85 million barrels of oil each year which would otherwise have been used to extract raw materials and manufacture new metals. Instead, recycled metals lower the demand for the mining of new metals, conserving resources. The truck’s catalytic converter, engine and batteries are also worthy components. We pull parts that are in good working condition, refurbish them and resell them as used parts. The electronic systems in the car like the radio, alternator, speakers etc. can also be reused/resold as used parts. Our goal is to recycle/reuse as much of the truck as possible. We aim to minimise waste. Scrap Truck in Adelaide is also what makes it possible for us to provide high Cash for Truck offers in Adelaide. We see the value in your old or scrap truck, where others might just see trash. The chemicals that would prove harmful if they found their way to the land are also removed from the vehicle. Some of the most common chemicals found in these vehicles are coolants, air conditioning refrigerants, steering fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze etc. These chemicals are extracted and disposed of in a responsible and careful manner, following industry guidelines. If all of these measures are not taken and the truck is simply crushed and left to pollute the land, it can cause a lot of damage to the environment for years to come. Therefore, it is important that people who deal with the removal of scrap cars and trucks be knowledgeable and committed auto professionals who can provide eco-friendly disposal for your vehicle.

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