All You Need to Know About Scraping Your Car Against A Wall

Car bumper scrapped against wall

What can be worse than when you suddenly hear a thud? And that loud bang is nothing else than your car scraped against a wall. Or the case is much worse. Someone scratched your car against a wall while your car was parked somewhere. 

You have to know that you can’t handle all types of car scratches in the same way if you have car insurance. A lot of factors can play an important role when it comes to insurance. For example, the way you scratched the car also affects the insurance and whether you reported the incident to the police if it was required.

In this blog, we discuss what you should do next when you are thinking I have scraped my car against wall. So, let’s dive right in.

What’s The First Step If I Scratch My Car Against Wall

Accidents of a car can cause various kinds of unintended consequences and damage to a vehicle. Yes, there can be scratches. These scratches might not just be because of accidents but also due to automatic car wash, falling objects, or hail damage. 

If you have comprehensive collision coverage in the car insurance policy, there is nothing to worry about the scratches as they would be covered. However, it may not always be the best and most effective idea to file an insurance claim. 

How Concerned Should I Be About Scratches On My Car

In many cases, scratches on your vehicle are only superficial damage. When your car sustains minor scratches, such as those resulting from contact with a tree branch or incidental contact with any wall, they typically do not affect the basic functionality of a car.

On the other hand, deeper scratches pose a more significant issue. It is best to act promptly to prevent potential rusting of your car. 

If you suspect these scratches may have been deliberately caused by vandalism, it is crucial to treat them seriously. Vandalism in any form constitutes a criminal act and is seldom a one-time occurrence.

When Should I Call the Police? 

Wondering how would you know if you should call the police in case of car scratching? Here are the scenarios when you should report the scratching incident to the police:

  • You want to file the insurance claim for your car damage
  • You are suspecting your car scratches as a horrible act of vandalism
  • You know that there has been another car in the collision incident
  • Your car was parked, and you found it significantly damaged, and you’ve no idea how it happened

If there is no immediate danger to you, you can simply call the local police on their non-emergency number. In many Australian states, you can use an online form to report the incident yourself to the police department.

Common Types of Car Insurance

In South Australia, whether or not scratches on your car are covered by your car insurance depends on the type of insurance policy you have. Moreover, the specific circumstances surrounding the damage also affect the insurance coverage. 

Generally, you can find several types of car insurance policies, and each offers different levels of damage coverage. 

So, let’s have an overview of the common types of car insurance:

Type of Car Insurance

Coverage Details

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance

Compulsory Third Party insurance is obligatory in all Australian states & territories. It covers the cost of injuries to other people in accidents where you are at fault but does not cover damage to your vehicle or the other party’s vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

This type of insurance covers damage to someone else’s property, as well as fire damage or theft of your beloved vehicle. However, it does not cover damage to your vehicle in other accidents.

Third Party Property Damage (TPPD) Insurance

Third Party Property Damage insurance provides damage coverage to someone else’s property or vehicle in an accident where you are at fault. But it does not cover damage to your vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance provides the most extensive coverage. It covers damage to your vehicle, harm to other people’s property, and injuries to other people, regardless of who is at fault. This insurance may also cover additional features like roadside assistance and rental vehicle benefits.

Limited or Pay As You Drive Insurance

These are specialized insurance options that offer abridged coverage or pricing based on your driving habits or the number of kilometres you have driven. They may be suitable for infrequent drivers or those who want to save money on premiums.

Scratches Covered By Various Insurance Types

When it comes to your car scratched against wall, here’s how different insurance types typically handle them:

Compulsory Third Party Insurance

Compulsory Third Party Insurance does not cover damage to your vehicle, including scratches. It only focuses on covering the costs of injuries to other people in various accidents.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is the most likely to cover scratches on your vehicle, whether they are caused by vandalism, accidents, or any other incidents. 

However, you may still need to pay an excess (deductible) when making an insurance claim. And the extent of insurance coverage can differ depending on your specific insurance policy.

Third-Party Property Damage Insurance

This insurance type does not cover damage to your vehicle, including car scratches. It just covers the damage you may cause to other people’s property or vehicles.

Third-Party Fire and Theft Insurance

Similar to TPPD insurance, this particular policy primarily covers fire damage and theft. Scratches on your car may not be covered unless they result from any fire or a break-in.

Please note that it is important to cautiously review the terms and conditions of your specific insurance policy to understand what is and isn’t covered regarding scratches or damage to your car. 

Furthermore, consider speaking with your car insurance provider for precise details and guidance on filing an insurance claim for repairs related to scratches. And if your insurance company doesn’t help, we offer cash for cars in allover Adelaide to $9,999. So, you can sell your scratched car to us.

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