Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Routine Oil Change in Car?

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Routine Oil Change in Car?

In the today developed society where rapid modes of transport becomes essential need, it becomes hard to remember that there are some common upkeep activities that are vital for our cars. Nevertheless, one of those critical responsibilities is as elementary as it gets “oil change”. Neglecting your car’s routine oil change can lead to a number of problematic issues that will probably cost you a lot of money.

Role of Oil in Your Car’s Engine

Cars are made up of many components and the most crucial component is the engine and the oil that runs through it. Oil also works as coolants and this reduces the rubbing off between the various component parts of the engine thus reducing their wear. They also help in cooling due to their ability to conduct and radiate heat away from the combustion chamber and even serve to clean, and flush any debris or contaminants that may have settled within them over a period of time.

Possible Risks of Neglecting the Need of Change Oil

As you fail to change oil, the oil in your car starts getting old and due to the formation of deterioration it is not as effective as it should be. It lead to many problems like:

  • Increased Wear and Tear: As it has been mentioned above when the oil is not applied in the right manner it results into wearing up of the parts of the engine. This may lead to expensive repairs or, in the worst case, an entire engine replacement when they are still not affordable, at some point in the life cycle of this engine.
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency: You understand as your engines components got worn out they produce high power out of which affects your car’s fuel efficiency in the wrong way. In the long run you also notice that you have spent a lot of money on fuel than you would have had you have chosen another kind of car.
  • Engine Failure: The worst thing that could happen if you fail to have your oil changes as required is that your car’s engine can seize up on you, or, it will stop working on you while you are on the road, and you will have to hire someone to help.

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Process of Getting an Oil Change

Changing the oil of a car is perhaps one of the simplest and most inexpensive maintenance techniques that any car owner should employ from time to time.

  • Prolong Engine Life: They will help you in avoiding frequent repairs or replacement of engines.
  • Improved fuel Efficiency: The expenditures associated with fuel are lowered when an engine is maintained to the optimum since the engine runs on less fuel.
  • Provide More Comfort: When the oil is clean and fresh, the car will be comfortable and have a smoother motion as compared to a period when the oil is dirty.


Avoiding usual oil change is not smart habit and it can lead to a number of issues with your car. If you keep up with this basic form of car maintenance, you will be able to keep your car going as long as possible.

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