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A Top-Rated Auto Wreckers Adelaide Taking All Your Stress Away

Cash for Cars provides the best auto wreckers Adelaide service. We buy your junk car, truck, bus, van, SUV, UTE, in short anything with an engine, and give instant cash up to $10,000. These vehicles are towed away and then wrecked for FREE.

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Auto Wreckers Adelaide – Cash Your Trash

Our auto wrecker Adelaide team is dedicated to rendering outstanding scrap vehicle and metal recycling services to reduce environmental damage. With our headquarters based in Wingfield, we cover all suburbs of Adelaide.

We take pride in our long-established reputation for maximizing end-of-life vehicle recovery rates. To achieve this end, we offer extremely competitive prices to customers to encourage them to sell their scrap vehicles the smart way- instead of dumping them in landfills.

A Green Panther Auto Wrecker Adelaide

We are enthusiastic about preserving Nature as much as we are passionate about cars.

Once a vehicle is dragged to the end of its useful life, it becomes nothing less than a complex collection of hazardous and toxic elements. And, every year hundreds of kilograms from such cars, trucks, vans, and buses are recklessly thrown to become part of some landfill.

The surprising reality is responsible recycling of this scrap can reduce the massive 100 kgs of waste to a mere one or two kilograms.

  • As true nature lovers, we are determined to reduce the toxic impact of scrap vehicles on the environment.
  • We remain steadfast in cleaning the land of Adelaide of all such junk vehicles and recycle, reprocess, reuse, reassign and refine them.
  • We strive to forge cordial relations and guarantee a friendly interaction in our dealings.
  • We offer the best price for a scrap vehicle calculated using our easy online evaluation tool.


Call 0413 221 574. Or fill out our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page.

How To Sell Scrap Car To Auto Wreckers Adelaide?

  1. Receive An Offer

Enter the vehicle details in the above form. Our database will take estimates from over 1,000 industry price points and then make a competitive offer.

  1. Book An Appointment

If you want to proceed with the offer, book an appointment at your convenience.

  1. Get Your Car Removal

Our team will punctually arrive at the given time and location. After a quick check-up, they will pay cash on the spot and make arrangements for pick-up. Enjoy free car removal from your premises and skip the towing charges.

Why Sell Your Scrap Car to Auto Wreckers Adelaide?

Good question. And one that we would love to answer.

Perhaps the greatest attraction for scrap car owners to sell it, is the monetary aspect. So, why dump your depreciated or written-off car or truck in a landfill when you can make lots of money with us instead?

The monetary aspect aside, selling your scrap car to a responsible auto-wrecker greatly helps the environment too. Here are some ways we help reduce the environmental impact:

  • Save Steel

We help reduce the need for manufacturing new steel. Steel is the primary material with which car bodies are manufactured.

Do you know recycling steel from old cars can save up to 75% of energy and coal?

  • Minimize Energy and Oil Consumption

By purchasing old cars and putting them to good use, Auto Wreckers Adelaide helps save vast amounts of the precious energy, fuel, and water that otherwise goes into manufacturing steel. Experts suggest that this can save an estimated 85 million barrels of oil each year

  • Recycling and Safe Discard of Car Batteries

Do you know that up to 98% of car batteries can be recycled?

Cash for old cars Adelaide can take your old car and recycle its battery- preventing toxic lead and sulphuric acid from leaking into the environment or seeping underground. Besides, all the other wasted spare parts that must be disposed of are done safely.

  • Reduce the Unhealthy and Harmful Landfills

Car landfills are a grave environmental concern.

Do you know around 52.5 million tyres reach the end of their life every year in Australia, and only 13% are actively recycled, with the rest ending up in landfills?

By selling your scrap cars to us, you can play your part in reducing the number of vehicles that crowd up landfills. We can make good use of your old vehicle by recycling its parts, reducing unnecessary landfills, and decreasing pollution.

  • Conserves Natural Resources and the Environment

Recycling vehicles and spare parts greatly curtail the water, oil, and fuel consumption that otherwise goes into manufacturing from scratch. Besides the spare parts, we can recycle gasoline, anti-freeze, leather etc. This, in turn, ensures the sustainability and safety of our environment.

We Are A Free Adelaide Car Wreckers Nearby

That’s another prime highlight. At Adelaide car wreckers, we provide our customers with free Adelaide, SA car removals. The only condition, to avail our free removal service is to accept the initial quote.

  • No Costs
  • No Hassle
  • No Advertising
  • No Additional/Hidden Charges

Auto Wreckers Adelaide Vs. Others

  • The Most Trust-worthy Car Wrecker

By choosing Auto Wreckers, Adelaide customers can rest easy knowing they are dealing with a reputable scrap car buyer. We specialize in buying wrecked, damaged, old cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, 4x4s, and buses and recycling them for free.

  • Quick Removal

We know one primary reason why most people detest the idea of car wreckers: They simply hate to painfully wait days to have their vehicle pick-up or removed from the property. Auto Wrecker Adelaide promises same-day removal. This means you can claim the precious space in less than 24 hours.

  • No Towing Fees

The torture of private sales doesn’t end here. Not only do the customers get peanuts, but the hefty wrecking fee is an utter disappointment. Luckily, you can escape all the expensive car removal and towing fees with us.

  • Immediate Payment

We hate to keep our customers waiting to get paid. We pay upfront for the cars we buy to wreck. Whether it’s an old Toyota, wrecked Nissan, damaged Subaru, or accidental Honda, we pay you to cash on the spot up to $9,999.

  • Unbeatable Offers

We aim to provide the best cash value for every scrap car, truck or SUV. No matter the condition wrecked, damaged, old, or accidental. We quote prices over the phone and online.

  • Every Condition, Every Make

We are your premier wrecked, accidental and old car removal solution provider. Thanks to our distinguished policy to buy any make & condition of cars and trucks- whether broken, damaged, wrecked, accidental, written-off, depreciated, scrap, junk, old, outdated, vintage, antique, dead, non-running, unroadworthy, rusted,  or engine-seized.

  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

We owe our success big time to our wonderful crew of auto professionals. Our specialist team comprises knowledgeable appraisers, wreckers, recyclers, and technicians who love to buy, wreck and recycle scrap cars.

  • Free Instant Estimate

Neither you nor your vehicle is in a position to move an inch to find out the worth? No worries. Our online evaluation tool will calculate the market value of your car without the time, hassle and stress. And don’t worry. The quote will be accurate to the last penny.

  • Hassle-Free and Convenient

Another key service provided as a courtesy to our customers is free pick-up at the location and time of their convenience. We will buy and remove cars anywhere your vehicle is located in Adelaide. Schedule your car towing or pick-up from the comfort of your own home. Sit back. We will come to you.

How To Choose Car Wreckers Around Me?

There are a plethora of car wreckers in Adelaide. And choosing the best one from the array is a mind-boggling decision. So here are a few parameters to look for in the wrecker when making the decision:

1) The Equipment

Car Wrecking is a complicated profession requiring a particular set of tools, skills, and technology. Hence, that’s essentially the first thing to look for. The wrecking company should be fully equipped with the essential tools.

2) The Facility

You must probe into where all the dismantling, wrecking and scrapping operations are carried out? While equipment is necessary, the importance of a state-of-the-art, modern facility equally holds true.

 3) Waste Management

This is something we cannot emphasize enough on.

Poor Waste Management wreaks irrevocable damage to the earth and the surrounding atmosphere. It is essential for an auto wrecker Adelaide service to carefully dispose of all the automotive waste residue after the vital components, metals, and parts have been recycled. Carelessly leaving the waste or dumping it in some landfill only contributes to air, water and land pollution. The consequence?

The air we breathe in and the water we survive on becomes contaminated with toxic substances, inversely affecting our health.

4) The Environmental Responsibility

That’s another vital parameter to judge. Whether or not the company is interested in the well-being of Nature or only concerned about increasing its bank balance.

A good car wrecker will adhere to all the state-issued Environmental Laws and Guidelines. Following are the two largest Environmental Organizations regulating the auto industry:

i) Environmental Protection Authority of Australia
ii) Auto Parts Recycling Association of Australia

The team at Auto Wreckers Adelaide fully adheres to the guidelines set by the above two.

5) The Team’s Skill and Expertise

The importance of owning the latest equipment, tools, technology, machinery and wrecking facilities all on one side. But nothing can beat the significance of the team’s specialist skills. A professional car wrecker must hire the most expert and veteran staff with diverse skills. Each plays its part in the success and growth of the company:

  • Auto Haulers
  • Loaders
  • Dismantlers and Wreckers
  • Recycling Technicians
  • Yard Supervisors
  • Mechanics and Repairers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Tow Truck Drivers

How Much Do Scrap Car Wreckers Pay?

When you decide to get rid of your scrap car, the first thought crossing your mind is, “How much will the wrecker give me for my car” or “how much will I get from car wreckers?”

Well, there is no standard price. This price fluctuates from one vehicle to another depending on several factors. And car owners can expect anywhere between $100 to $10,000 with us.

1) The Vehicle Features

The most basic price determinant pertains to the vehicle features

  • What type and size it is? A Sedan, SUV, UTE, truck, 4X4 or car.
  • Is it one of the latest models or an old vintage?
  • The current market value.
  • What’s the make and origin?
  • The manufacturer and brands reputation
  • The fuel efficiency and engine power.
  • The seating capacity
  • The number of miles driven.
  • Whether it is a common model or a rare one.

Based on the factors above, Scrap Cars are worth 20% to 40% of the vehicle’s used value.

2) The Price of Scrap Metal

This pretty much goes ignored. But the value of the metal involved in the car’s making is more important than you think.

Do you know on average, a car is made up of nearly 2400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminum?

This implies that even cars that aren’t worth running can be converted into valuable scrap metal. As a general rule of thumb, the greater the size and weight of a vehicle, the more metal is involved in the production. This explains why larger and heavier commercial vehicles and trucks are worth more than smaller, lighter cars.

3) The Condition of the Vehicle

This is another precursor that greatly dictates the value:

i) It is running but has some minor faults that need to be fixed?

In this case, you can expect to get a greater return.

ii) Has it acquired some major fault?

If the repairs cost more than the vehicle’s actual worth, then obviously, the buyer will be reluctant to pay the full price, and he will probably deduct a substantial amount.

iii) Is it completely dead?

If the vehicle is completely redundant and only capable of stripping for spare parts, then the owner is at a losing end.

4) The Demand for Parts

At times, even old, outdated models have certain parts installed that are extremely high in demand. For instance, the battery, suspension, lights and other exterior parts of an old car can be conveniently removed and recycled.

Likewise, if other similar model owners need frequent replacement of certain parts or if it’s a rare model and the pieces are difficult to find. In either case, you can expect handsome cash.

5) Location or Distance

Certain location-specific factors impact the price.

i) There are certain models popular in certain areas or localities. For instance, 4×4, SUVs and UTEs in mountainous/hilly areas. Whereas trucks, trailers and vans in industrialist and port cities etc.

ii) The demand and price of scrap metal vary from region to region.

iii) The distance of the vehicle from the junkyard also has a great say in. If the car is stuck, stranded or located in a far-flung, isolated suburb or somewhere difficult to access, then the transportation costs will be more.


Contact Us for A Quote

One prime reason, our customers, look forward to is our free quote service.

Regardless of the make, model, age or condition, we guarantee quotes up to $9,999. Just fill out the OnlineGet a Quote” form at the top right of the page. Our expert appraisers will quickly evaluate the details and provide a free and fair offer.

For more details Call 0413 221 574

Specialized Motor Wreckers In Any Model, Any Brand

  • Toyota wreckers
  •  Ford Wreckers
  •  4×4 Wreckers
  •  Commodore wreckers
  •  Holden wreckers
  •  Subaru wreckers
  •  Mazda Wreckers
  •  Honda Wreckers
  •  Hyundai Wreckers
  •  BMW Wreckers
  •  Volkswagen wreckers
  •  Jeep Wreckers
  •  Nissan Wreckers
  •  Audi wreckers
  •  Kia Wreckers
  •  Volvo wreckers
  •  Ashley wreckers
  •  Peugeot wreckers
  •  Mercedes Wrecker
  •  Renault Wreckers
  • Truck Wreckers
  • SUV Wreckers
  • Van Wreckers
  • Bus Wreckers
  • Carrier or Trailer Wreckers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can recycle all conditions of vehicles- even accidental, wrecked, scrap, junk and completely written-off. We salvage all such cars for their functioning auto parts, and the metal frame and other valuable resources are subject to further recycling.

Here is our typical car wrecker and disposal process:

  1. Our team carefully drains the toxic chemicals and releases harmful gases and fumes.
  2. All the parts are removed and categorized into working and non-working.
  3. The remaining metal frame is processed, crushed, and recycled to recover pure metal.
  4. The remaining automotive shredder residue is then responsibly disposed of.

Yes, we buy valuable auto parts in optimum running conditions, such as Catalytic Converters, Doors, Bumpers, Tires, Engine components, Radiators, Windows, windshields, Car Seats, Bonnet, Mirrors etc.

Of course. We only stock genuine used, recycled, reconditioned and brand new parts for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Call us and talk to our Representative to find the part you are looking for.

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